Process in the project

  • Erfahrung Deutschland (ED) receives the project request of a company and searches the database for suitable experts. We advise the company, coordinate the selection with you. The customer receives a shortlist with anonymized and meaningful short profiles of experts.. 
  • We clarify interest and availability with the selected senior experts.
  • Invitation of the expert to the company – Erfahrung Deutschland organizes the interview. Travel expenses in an appropriate manner shall be borne by the company; Fees are not reimbursed.
  • If the customer makes a positive decision, Erfahrung Deutschland will conclude an expert contract with you. We conclude a customer contract with the company.  
  • You receive the agreed fee from Erfahrung Deutschland You bill your travel expenses directly to the company. Our rules of cooperation for senior professionals apply to the total duration of cooperation with Erfahrung Deutschland.
  • You work independently as a specialist at the customer company as part of your project contract. You are in ongoing communication with your contact at ED regarding your tasks and the current project process.
  • At the end of the month, you report to Erfahrung Deutschland and the company about your activity and charge the ED meetings that have been rendered and accepted by the customer. Based on this, Erfahrung Deutschland sends the monthly invoice to the customer company.