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About the company

  • Industry,
  • Product or service offer,
  • Locations,
  • Size (sales / employees),
  • Organization / management structure,
  • Legal status / ownership.

About the position and task

  • Problem description, task description and objectives,
  • Location and duration / intensity of the project,
  • Informal or formal job title,
  • Assigned employees,
  • Other parties (e.g., customers, suppliers),
  • Reporting Line,
  • Approximate annual salary of the position holder, if he had been permanently employed.

About the profile of the ideal candidate

  • Professional qualifications, language skills, etc.,
  • Main areas of expertise,
  • Functional and industry knowledge,
  • Desired personality (soft skills).

The more precisely you describe your requirements, the better and faster we can find the right expert for you. Please also let us know which information we should treat as confidential to our specialists and executives.