Customer request

From the first contact you will have a competent and experienced contact at Erfahrung Deutschland(ED). 
  • We will personally provide you with details about the task and requirements.
  • We will match your requirements with the performance profiles in our network and identify the specialists whose expertise will serve your project best.
  • As soon as possible you will receive a selection of anonymous profiles of senior experts, whose availability and interest we have previously examined.
  • We will advise you in the selection of these experts and organize the meetings. Of course, we also offer interviews by telephone.
  • When you choose a senior expert, we conclude a customer contract with you.
  • Travel expenses of the senior expert will be settled directly with you on the basis of an individual regulation or their travel cost guidelines.
  • At the end of each accounting period (usually calendar month), the senior expert will provide you with a short report on the days worked.
  • On this basis, you will be billed and pay the agreed fee to ED.
  • Erfahrung Deutschland will contract the expert who will work for you.

In the order phase, we will concretize the content of the cooperation, the position and the role of the senior expert.