Press review

What does the media report about Erfahrung Deutschland? Here you find a summary about our work with our „Senior Experts“.

Mit 66 Jahren fängt das Arbeiten an... (Start working in the age of 66… )

Smart companies take back their lost know-how by means of experience. Thereof the enterprises gain profits as well as the experts who do not want to retire. The „Süddeutsche Zeitung“ talked to that to Erfahrung Deutschland and their „Senior Experts“.

Der gute Rat der weisen Männer (Good council of wise men)

„Know-How“ from the outside. Not young but flexible, dynamic and ambitious. For this „Senior Experts“ got a lot of experience and they are sought in mid-size companies more than ever before.

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Der lange Abschied vom Jugendwahn (The long farewell to the youth-madness)

Soon the majority of the employees in Germany are over 50 years old. Elderly workers are more and more valued but not purposefully searched. The challenge is enormous, because personal departments are still in the madness of youth. 

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Externe Beratung von Insidern (Consulting from the outside by insiders)

The network of Erfahrung Deutschland offers mid-sized companies helpers with background knowledge to manage them out of crisis phases. A report of „ED-Expert“ Dietmar Andree. 

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So planen Sie den Ruhestand (To schedule your retirement)

A lot of professionals feel great joy as they think on their retirement. Finally there is time for a golf tournament, a world trip or grandchildren! Reality, however, is often rather different. Particularly executives enter a state of crisis of purpose.